Practical work and internal assessment

DP sample work with moderators comments

The internal assessment in biology is worth 24% of the final assessment grade. The internal assessment requirement consists of an interdisciplinary project (Group 4) and a mixture of short and long term investigations. Student work is internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by the IBO. The performance in internal assessment at both SL and HL is marked against assessment criteria, with each criteria having a maximum mark of 6.

The different types of experimental work that a student undertakes serves many purposes:

  • assessment of practical skills
  • illustrating, teaching and reinforcing theoretical concepts
  • developing an appreciation of the essential hands on nature of science
  • developing an appreciation of the benefits and limitations of the scientific methodology

A record of each students practical work is kept on form 4/PSOW and each student is required to keep a folder containing copies of any practical reports completed. The practical scheme of work must be a minimum of 40 hours for SL and 60 hors for HL.

Internal assessment criteria

There are 5 assessment criteria used to assess practical work:

  • Design (D)
  • Data collection and processing (DCP)
  • Conclusion and evaluation (CE)
  • Manipulative skills (MS)
  • Personal skills (PS)

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