E1 - Stimulus and Responseroad_hedgehog_nigel_reeve_470_470x312.jpg

E1 Stimulus pp ST.pdf
E1 Notes.docx
E1 Questions.docx
Instinct or fixed Action Patterns.docx
Malawi cichlids.docx

E2 - Perception of Stimulus

E2 pp.pdf
E2 notes.docx
E2 Questions.docx
Virtual Eye Dissection
Evolution of the eye video
How the eye works
Test your colour perception
Optical Illusion
Hermann Grid

Structure and function of the ear - interactive
Label the ear - interactive
Test your hearing
Can violinist's tell the differnece?

E3: Innate and Learned Behaviour

E3 Innate and Learned Behaviour Notes.docx
E3 Innate and Learned Behaviour Questions.docx
E3 DBQ Bird Song.docx
Who's more intelligent: Babies or dogs?

Cuckoo chick exhibits a nasty innate behaviour. Why is this behaviour essential?

Chimps exhibit learned behaviour

Kinesis in Woodlice Interactive Lab

The Little Albert Experiment

Intelligent Crow Behaviour

Are facial expressions Innate or Learned?

A use for conditioning

Using choice chambers to study invertebrate behaviour

E4 - Neurottransmiters and Synapses

How Marijuana make syou forget
E4 notes.docx
E4 Neurotransmitters and Synapses.docx
Summation- temporal adn spacial
Want to find out how drugs affect the brain - Join teh Mouse Party - very cool
How Neurons talk ot each other
How drugs work - learn more in a multitude of languages

E5- The Human Brain (HL)

E5 Human Brain.pdf
E5 Brain Notes.docx
E5 Brain Questions.docx
3D Brain image
fMRI -Think tennis for yes.docx
fMRI - of Cochlear Implant Candidates.docx

E6 - Further Studeis of Behaviour (HL)

E6 Further Studeis of Behaviour Notes.docx
E6 Further Studeis in Behaviour Questions.docx

Honey Bee Colony

Sexual Selection

Rhythmical Behaviour