DP Biology

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Nature of the subject

Biologists have accumulated huge amounts of information about living organisms, and it would be easy to confuse students by teaching large numbes of seemingly unrelated facts. In the Diploma Programme biology course, it is hoped that studnets willa cquirea limited body of facts and , at the same time, develop a broad understadning of the principels of the subject.

There are four main biological concepts that run throught the course:

Structure and function
This relationship operates at all levels of complexity, somtimes strucures permit particular functions whislt restricting others.

Universality versus diversity
Recognise the commonalities between seemingly unrelated and very diverse organisms.

Equilibrium within systems
Checks and balances exist both within living organisms and within ecosystems.

The concept of evolution draws together the other themes. It can be regarded as change leading to diversity within constraints, and this leads to adaptations of structure and function.

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